Suzanne Schenewerk

Suzanne Schenewerk has always suspected that life is more complicated than people let on. When she came to the University of Arkansas, she began studying economics, because it’s important and nobody seems to understand it; after three and a half years, she has primarily learned the depth of her own ignorance. That’s a start, at least.

Her particular area of interest is behavioral economics, the intersection of psychology and economics, because people do such odd things and she’d like to understand why. Eventually, Suzanne hopes to get her PhD. In the meanwhile, she is going to learn all of the math, and perhaps some of the history as well.

Suzanne knows quite a bit of interesting trivia about a variety of topics that even surprises her sometimes. She is a firm believer that you can learn from almost anyone, if only by taking them as a negative example, and thinks most things in life should be amusing.

Among other things, Suzanne enjoys cooking for others and science fiction; if you are hungry, or have novels to recommend, she would be delighted to talk.


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