Chad is convinced that who you are is not what you do and thus would describe himself this way:

He was a sinner without hope who became a sinner with hope when he met Jesus in 2004. Ever since, his heart has learned to make room for Jesus stories, concepts of biblical masculinity and Christ-centered identity, a covenant hermeneutic, a husband/bride paradigm of redemption, and faith in God’s promises. He has increasingly found a solid home in Reformed theology. The idea of spiritual generations is very close to the center of his heart, which is forever occupied by Jesus and good desserts. A lover of languages, Chad was obsessed with diagraming sentences in the 9th grade and would love nothing more than to add to his 2 semesters of Arabic. Those curious about these things can discuss them with Chad over a cup of coffee (he will order an espresso, preferably Yirgachefe, which he will sip pretentiously from a tiny mug).

He is a nursing student, but would much rather be writing an exegesis of Romans 3 in another region of the world than inserting IVs. He is, though, trying to learn how to insert IVs with all his might (figuratively speaking, we hope). Chad is forever attempting to manage/understand this conflict between the practicality of his career choice and the very impractical nature of his passions, and he hopes that nursing can one day serve these deeper desires. If given the chance and very large sums of money, he would study the language and culture of the Middle East, attend seminary, and pack his bags.

Chad recently married the most beautiful woman in the world, with whom he has been learning to dwell in God’s grace, and with whom he is a much better man. He does not want to be on this adventure with anyone else.

He is always on a path of going further up and further in.

Influences: C.S. Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, John Piper, Michael Nowling, Joe Novenson, and Walt Henrichson

Twitter: @crthurman


Currently reading:  “Knowing God”, Packer; “Holiness by Grace”, Chapell; “To the One Who Conquers”, Storms

Currently listening: Ascend the Hill, The Ember Days, John Mark McMillan, and Will Reagan


  1. I just read the blog post you did recently. I understand this struggle and find the same hope! Well-said.

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