Andrew Childress

For several years of his life, Andrew Childress was a homeschooled teenager who wished he was a disembodied spirit. After he met G.K. Chesterton, things began to change, and those years are over now. Andrew is currently a senior at the University of Arkansas, studying English Literature and Music. He will write songs for money.

He likes making lists, drawing pictures of music on graph paper, and reading Catholic novelists. He only likes reading philosophy if the philosopher in question has a clear respect for Pascal.

He once rode a bicycle two thousand miles from North Carolina to Los Angeles, accompanied by four men and a GMC Suburban, without falling off his bike once (except for that time in the driveway).

His current goals are to (a) visit Europe, (b) stay away from graduate school, (c) learn all the Poulenc nocturnes, (d) become a master chef, (e) kill a bear with his bare hands, (f) become a teacher and be an inspiration to his students, and (g) set more goals.

He is a firm believer in interdisciplinary academics, thrift stores, old catechisms, cemeteries, and drinking coffee out of glass bottles.

He has Scotch-Irish ancestors who have been in America since before the First Continental Congress.  Despite recurring eschatological and apocalyptic expectations on both sides of his family, he has decided to be extremely surprised if the world should end any time soon.


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