All Married and Stuff

“You are mine, Beloved
And I am yours to keep.
Take my heart forever,
You have captured me.
God is singing over us,
We hear it in the wind.
Tonight, our life begins.”

– “Tonight” by JJ Heller
(First Dance)

I am summoned to write my first post for Weird Siblings (which is also a continuation of my personal blog Una Servidora Enviada), but the effort is great; it’s as if the blogging apparatus in my brain has atrophied as I have neglected this form of creative expression for what seems like an age.  And really, it has been an age of sorts, or perhaps it is more accurate to say that have aged.  I have passed from one season of life into the next without pause or second thought.  I have passed into an age in which I am known by a new name entirely.  Indeed, since I have last blogged, many things have changed.  I graduated from college, which already flings me into this befuddled community of people all asking the question: “Oh man, now what do I do with my life?” – or some similar variant.  More importantly though: I went and got all married and stuff.  The preparation and anticipation were stressful, the wedding was nothing short of gorgeous, the honeymoon was solitary and quiet (aside from the wasp-sting, but that’s another story), and being publicly, legally, and spiritually recognized as husband and wife for the rest of our lives… Well, that’s simply and overwhelmingly wonderful.

We stepped into this marriage knowing that it wouldn’t be easy, that we wouldn’t be living in some world-ignoring dream state for it’s duration, and that some of our expectations may have been unrealistic.  But we also stepped into this marriage with the joy and assurance of the Lord’s blessing and guidance, knowing that we’ve been gifted wholly and specifically to each other with a bond that cannot and will not be broken. Such security is incredible and something that I think can only come from the Lord, the designer and initiator of Love itself.

It is accurate to say that our courtship was dramatic.  It was punctuated at virtually every turn with signs and wonders as well as intense trial and powerfully answered prayer.  Now, as we experience life in the day to day, life in the mundane and the “normal” it calls for an adjustment, a settling, and an understanding that just because life isn’t so crazy and the Lord isn’t saying quite so much quite so loudly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re doing something wrong.  That adjustment has been a challenge for me, but it is advancing as I come to realize that at least for this season as we learn to function together as one person and as we continue to learn from and about each other, we are still within God’s will.  Doubtless, if we come to be too complacent… then life will get dramatic again and I will miss these days of settling.  C’est la vie.

Speaking of day to day life, it’s quite funny all the interesting things you learn about a person when you live with him every day.  For instance, I never realized what a predictable knack my dear husband has for accidentally breaking dishes, so far in our (very new) marriage, he has dropped, or dropped a heavy thing on, four shatterable things in my presence… It’s quite a fortunate thing that we chose to buy the least expensive and most easily replaceable dishes at WalMart ;-P

Anyway, marriage is delightful and accounting for all the change and adjustment, all is well.  Hopefully, as life continues to normalize for me, I will find more time and motivation to write more things, blogging is a thing that I have missed.  For now, I have some domestic-y things to do and some Thank You notes to compose, so I bid you adieu.

-Mrs. Lauren Rae Sullivan



All pictures courtesy of Derek Young of Derek Young Photography


  1. caraturbyfill says:

    Congrats, Lauren! Pretty pictures:)


  1. […] and I could tell a bit of their love story, but the bride herself does it better. (You can read her recent post about newly wed-ness on our community blog.) It’s been a pleasure to grow alongside this gal […]

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